Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Shepherd's Prayer - Review

The Shepherds' Prayer: A Christmas Novel by Richard M. Barry
hardcover, 2006, RM Barry Publications
ISBN 0976729059
127 pgs.

The horror of screaming babies, hysterical mothers and grief ridden fathers turns a tranquil night in Bethlehem into utter chaos. Roman soldiers ride through the streets, stealing the lives of innocent babies - at the demand of a jealous king.

One mother, her son clutched to her chest, grabs a soldier’s horse in an attempt to escape. But in the fight for her son’s life, she loses her own. The horse rolls down an embankment, crushes her and orphans a lambskin-wrapped baby boy.

Thirty years later, Anam is surrounded by the loving family who found him. His brothers are happily married and producing heirs and his father is enjoying the blessing of many grandchildren. But Aman’s thoughts aren’t focused on finding a wife and adding to the family. His heart is still searching for a place he feels whole.

The circumstances of his birth and family still linger in his mind along with the lambskin and the mysterious words written into the tanned hide: Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to men of good will, through Jesus Christ, who was born of Mary in a stable in Bethlehem and who, wrapped in swaddling clothes, was in a manger, he who is Savior of the world. Aman decides it's time he found out what happened.

Through the story of Aman and his quest, I found myself drawn back in time to Bethlehem. I began to wonder what it must have been like for the people of Bethlehem during such a tragic time. What really happened after the slaughter? How did the town’s people view the shepherds who brought the news of Jesus birth and, as a result, send Herod into a jealous rage? How did they view Christ?

Richard M. Barry does a wonderful job in creating a man looking for answers. A man who becomes one of the greatest names in Biblical history.

Richard M. Barry is an author, publisher, inventor, entrepreneur and committed Christian, wrote The Shepherds' Prayer to help disseminate the untold story of the Bethlehem shepherds of the Bible. A labor of love, the inspiring story of tragedy, suffering faith, hope and triumphant vindication took nine years to complete.

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jennannej said...

I love when books inspire us to revisit old Bible stories and look at them from a fresh, and sometimes more human, angle.