Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Perilous Proposal by Michael Phillips - Review

A Perilous Proposal (Carolina Cousins #1) by Michael Phillips paperback, 2005, Bethany House Publishers
352 pages
ISBN: 0764200410

Reading A Perilous Proposal reopened my eyes to the struggle made by the slaves of the south to gain their freedom – something they never allowed themselves to dream.

Jake a young black man in the south. Though a slave on a plantation, he is fortunate to still remain with his parents. One day the owner changes that, and with his decision, changes Jake’s life forever.

Years later the War Between the States looms on the horizon, and slaves everywhere start to allow glimmers of hope for a life like they have never known. Jake’s Ma makes him vow to search for the father who disappeared so long ago. But the anger that has been building in Jake for all these years towards a father that was never there, takes Jake on a perilous journey through a war torn south.

Finding love with a young woman, a former slave, Jake starts to find peace. But pieces of her and Jake’s past are not far behind, and their love is tested. Will Jake be able to forgive his Father and move on?

Mr. Phillips story kept the pages turning, as I was taken back to a different time and life. I enjoyed the real life characters as well as the events happening during the Civil War. A Perilous Proposal is a companion to the series Carolina Cousins – Shenandoah Sisters.

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