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American Patriot Series by J.M. Hochstetler

Plunging us into American history, J.M. Hochstetler recreates the tensions between the British and the colonies in 1775 Boston.

Daughter of Liberty (American Patriot Series, Book 1)
by J.M. Hochstetler
Softcover, 2004, Zondervan
ISBN: 0310252563
368 pages

In the series' first book Daughter of Liberty, Elizabeth Howard finds herself torn between honoring her parents and their Tory loyalties and fighting for the country she loves. An undercover courier known only as Oriole, Elizabeth finds a freedom of her own helping her country and the Sons of Liberty.

But danger awaits her with the arrival of Captain Jonathan Carelton who fights for the Seventeenth Light Dragoon – and England. Working side by side with General Gage, Captain Carelton’s special assignment is finding and stopping Oriole. Staying in the town house of the Howard family he finds himself intrigued by their charming daughter Elizabeth.

Elizabeth flirts with chance as she charms the British soldiers on one side and gathers information from them with the other. Struggling against the mutual attraction between Captain Carelton and herself, she fights to keep her head above the waters of growing confrontations between the British Regulators and the Sons of Liberty.

Native Son (Book 2, American Patriot Series)
by J.M Hochstetler
softcover, 2005, Zondervan
ISBN: 0310252571
320 pages

In the second book Native Son, Jonathan has given his heart to Elizabeth and his loyalties to General George Washington. Elizabeth continues to balance her days charming the English and her nights hazardously slipping away to give their secrets to the Sons of Liberty.

But war and special assignments from General Washington keep Jonathan and Elizabeth apart. Carelton undertakes a journey into hostile Indian territory and find himself captured and a slave. Fighting to get away and he finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into his past life with the Shawnee.

Meanwhile Elizabeth must remain behind continuing her work as a spy. Her dance between the two enemies becomes more dangerous as her identity is compromised. Receiving word of Jonathan’s capture and possible death she is desperate for a way to find him. Then suddenly word begins to spread among the British of a white warrior leading raids against their outposts.

Ms. Hochstetler weaves the fascinating story of the early outbreak of war in the colonies. In that tale we find a love that is found, lost, and fighting to survive amidst all that is happening. I look forward to the 3rd book in this series.

Ms. Hochstetler was born in central Indiana and grew up on a farm near Kokomo. In 1970 she graduated from Indiana University cum laude, taking a degree in Germanic languages, with minors in history and sociology. She moved to Tennessee in 1992.

Gail Quistorff

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